Blake Foss

Freelance Web Developer

Specializing in web accessibility, universal design with a focus on open source solutions.

Cartoon graphic of super hero representing me as I don't like having my photo taken.

I am Blake Foss, Freelance
Web Developer and Accessiblity Consultant
From San Francisco, California.

I have been developing web sites and applications for over 20 years. My experience ranges from government, large corporations, start-ups and small businesses. It is a world that I enjoy being part of and am excited about what the future of the internet holds.

Mail: blake@division442.com

Phone: +1 415 238-8090

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Why Univeral Design

The internet is meant to be for everyone, by implmenting universal design concepts I build web sites that are usable by anyone with an internet connection.

Focusing On Open Source

When implmenting a project for a client I use open source solutions as this brings down the cost of a project without compromising on features.

What I Do.

Web and Mobile App Development

Accessiblity Consulting

Universal Design

Open Source Integrations

Dedicated support

Interested in working with me on an upcoming project ?

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    San Francisco, CA, USA
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    +1 415-238-8090
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